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And so I looked into the mirror
when there was you instead of me
There you captured my all
and I am more than I used to be
Jan 13th 06

The air is reaching for my face
beaten by the storm.
Between bewilderment and sorrow
my heart wants to be reborn.

Elegance long been missing
breaching wind dives through hair
as a beaten fairy rides across
those cliffs into the air.

Dec. 30th, 2005

At your feet

I'm falling

in love

so lost

and found

you find me

and hold

my spirits

mingling with yours.

Without fear!

Nov. 1st 2005


The sun strides through the clouds
as he's awakened by a lover's - touch
The moon and stars would love to share
what's happening to shine with such.

As bodies melt in lightning glow
heated air goes up to find
that here not only bodies lie
but hearts just were combined.

Some gleaming skin and hair reflects
that here's no longer two
but a creature made of light
that only love knows how to do.

As the sun turnes heavens on
this creature just goes on to shine
and moon and stars they envy us
as we have night and day combined


Secret Whispers

Whispers in darkness
as frequent as rain
wind is now thinking
that flower's insane.

Flower is watered
just too much to grow
feeling she's only
down very low.

Leaves they seek flying
but wind he rejects
flower feels dying
as she never gets

to grow as she wanted
and stand in full bloom
but whispers keep telling
that she'll make it soon.

Life's theatre

Hiding behind sceneplays
when stumbling down the stage
The plot was too familiar
and still turned round to rage.

Tragic moments used to act
but plays can be foreseen
Strong but weepy guys to play
reflects us and where we've been.

Knowing with the curtain
falls also our disguise
who'd ever think us fall about
as we used to act those wise.

Following the curtain
we also get our calls
to run up to the center-
stage until t' very last fall.


Glowing colours
rushing by,
small jolly fairies
dancing in the sky.

See the white knight
over on the hill!?
So much joy to remember
and I know I always will...!

Gone are the colours
and fairies from the sky.
The white knight, man of dreams,
never passing by.

When did it happen?
When did we forget?
What was the point?
Let's get it back!

November 2001


Confusion - Mind or Heart

Restless Dreams
forever ending
pleasant thoughts
don't all hold you

My heart I'm searching
to see what's displayed
as I might understand
wrong what it said

My mind never resting
simply trying to find out
which thoughts are just tempting
or is it the truth I'm about?

Restless feelings
never ending
if being certain
is just an illusion

July 2005

Belief - Que sera? -

Searching my heart
for an answer to life,
searching my soul
for an answer to all.

What will I see,
how far will I go,
will I have children,
with whom - I don't know.

Searching the books
for the right way to live
searching the world
for an answer to give.

What's gonna happen,
with whom, where and when
is up to one power
- no matter its name....



There was a way
felt like a cage
and walking hurt my feet.

At one more bend
when no one looked
right off to the trees I steeped.

Wild blossoms around
catching my eye
but one among caught more than that.

There off the way
right in the wild
is where I lost my heart!
(2005, night to Samhain)

The Play

Another mask put on
waiting to be revealed
another mask you're wearing
there's your favourite shield

Love you seek and lose
wondering what's wrong
Love to you feels like abuse
seems like come and gone

Yet there's no way
finding someone for a part
in your own film of life
wearing mask and shield around your heart

Fool you call me
for revealing who I am
hurt I may be
but the truth comes yet unmasked!

July 2005


why my feet
are so light for dancing

I took a look
into that mirror
and there was
YOU July 20002


The book of the year

When the snowflakes on the window
dance to the rhythm of my heart
when they fall in silent whisper
to tell that never we'll part,

just as the leaves all danced in autumn
when the wind blew to our soul
just as the rain tapped on our window:
he'll never let you go,

like a summer's sun is rising
teaching hearts to shine alike
like the glow you're heart's bathed in showing:
he's the best to find

that's the spring I feel like
when you're just near to me
that's our blossoms blooming
as the years go on to be.

October 2003


Snowwhite's Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall
tell me what you're seeing now.
Some frightened girl, all small and shy
holds Teddy's arm as life goes by.

And the mirror hangs and sees
little girl grows beautifully.
Teddy helps her yet sometime
when things just tend to make her cry.

Little girl stands on her feet
goes outside there, life to meet.
And the mirror hangs and sees
Teddy right there waiting patiently.

During time strong girl comes by
looking to the mirror's eye.
And the mirror hangs and sees
a girl as frightened as she'e been,

Seeking Teddy for advise,
but no response comes from his eyes.
Asking back just to the wall
mirror - what you're seeing now??

January 2004