...words forming...

Confusion - Mind or Heart

Restless Dreams forever ending pleasant thoughts don't all hold you My heart I'm searching to see what's displayed as I might understand w... weiterlesen

Belief - Que sera? -

Searching my heart for an answer to life, searching my soul for an answer to all. What will I see, how far will I go, will I have children,... weiterlesen


There was a way felt like a cage and walking hurt my feet. At one more bend when no one looked right off to the trees I steeped. Wild blo... weiterlesen

The Play

Another mask put on waiting to be revealed another mask you're wearing there's your favourite shield Love you seek and lose wondering what's... weiterlesen

Book of the year

The book of the year When the snowflakes on the window dance to the rhythm of my heart when they fall in silent whisper to tell that never we... weiterlesen