...words forming...

My husband

Wondering why my feet are so light for dancing I took a look into that mirror and there was YOU weiterlesen


The air is reaching for my face beaten by the storm. Between bewilderment and sorrow my heart wants to be reborn. Elegance long been missing ... weiterlesen

At your feet I'm falling in love so lost and found you find me and hold my spirits mingling with yours. Without fear! weiterlesen

and yet another old one - too much Shakespeare at the time? ;-)

The sun strides through the clouds as he's awakened by a lover's - touch The moon and stars would love to share what's happening to shine with s... weiterlesen

quite a cheesy old one *lol*

Dreams Glowing colours rushing by, small jolly fairies dancing in the sky. See the white knight over on the hill!? So much joy to rememb... weiterlesen