it's been a while

...that I've had the time to sit back and think about words to write into my blog. And here I sit wondering what to write - what has much and nothing.

Let's start with the most obvious: I loooove my job !  
  I love what I'm doing, the school ist fantastic and I simply enjoy being a teacher. Yet the last 6 months have been very wrecking in some senses. There were sooo many corrections (I counted...I had to correct 560 tests I had to correct from February to July - vocabulary tests not included!) and so many preparations, so many things I had to learn and do the first time...and despite the fact that I loved it I didn't have the chance to keep track with myself. Where am I?

During the term-break for summer I'm trying to get back to that idea of "me". There was simply no time for proper private things - as you can imagine when looking at that huuuge number in the paragraph above. So I'm slowly trying to get to the point. I'm getting back into sports (goodness -- those "correction-kilos" have to leave my hips somehow!), prepare a lot of fresh food, make tons of smoothies and other cool drinks.....but what is still missing is the vibe to answer all my letters (started today though ;-) ) and getting back into meditation and stuff. Will be done though - I'm positive.

Isn't it quite strange that after some time full action and stress you find it THAT hard to come to ease?

I've had such a restless start to the body has a hard time coming to rest...I really need to work on that to get back to a proper and constant level of ease. Ah well - just rambling on.

Bought a nice baby-pool lately *hehe* Our godchild was here and we had a BBQ for us grown-ups and a pool-splashing session for the cute little boy. Ok - we enjoyed it just as much *haha* Hope no one saw us ....

I wonder who of you is still with me anyway....maybe I'M just rambling on by and for myself..nice as well. And so I'm going my way again...trying to ease my heart and get out of that running-status....

22.7.10 22:03

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Laydy Alex (26.7.10 20:55)
Still with you! ;-)