winter thoughts

So our study is completed and we really enjoy our new view up here ... just still wondering what to do with the rest of this huge flat...but time will bring more ideas I suppose.

Job is all going well actually - started anew on February 1st and basically it feels as if I've never been doing anything else. I feel at home at that school, I slowly get the hang of how things work there and feel pretty secure in all I'm doing there. Of course some pupils give me a hard time -or want to- but *hey* that's just it and it would be quite strange to be loved by all of them *haha*

Hubby's check-up was all good and we can happily enjoy  the next three months until the next one.

In the meantime we even became godparents as our friends have asked us to be there for their son...what an honour!

So life is good and I should be all jolly and merry and happily singing a song every day. Is it some kind of hibernation keeping me from it? I don't know... but a couple of days have been so "just living" yet coming more into "just existing". No matter what there is to do it does not feel as joyous as it "should" be doing and I keep trying to find what it is. And basically - work is what I enjoy most at the moment. Is that strange ?
Here's your number one employee!
I simply seem to be jumping from "I don't know what to do with myself" to "There's so much to be done / so many appointments" - from "I'm so looking forward" to "ah I can't be bothered"....

...maybe it's about the time that spring came up... 

21.2.10 11:15

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