(another old one transferred)

January 16th 2006

What do you see - looking at me?
A girl, a woman or beyond?
Are you looking deep down...
and can you see what I truely want to be?

I'm that butterfly with carefree wings showing you what spring's soft touch will do. Flying soft with rhythm dancing, you watch me and are filled with you - carefree times and carefree feelings, us flying both in flowers to grow.

In that cold harsh night with winter's hand you feel lost and cold within. But looking up you sure will find filled by moon's calm light, guiding home with comfort, there's your star in me.

Twisting and turning you're looking for truth, looking for feelings, looking for proof. So here I sit, a fairy in fields, waiting for you to just open eyes and heart. Since when fairies you see it's the answers you find and loving that starts.

When your eyes meet mine
I simply hope this time
your heart will tell me what your eyes do see.
So take a close deep look
and let me see if I am to you what I wanted to be.

5.8.09 18:44

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