Sometimes things seem to be so shallow -- your mind is set on other things and you close all channels to make sure you don't feel as much.

But if things seem shallow - you don't know what to write about them apart from the fact they are...

quote of the day

Zitat des Tages auf der Yoga Yidya Seite:

Du sollst als Lehrer an das dir anvertraute Kind glauben. Das Kind wird mit Eifer und Disziplin antworten.

- Swami Sivananda -

Passend wenn man panisch und selbstzweifelnd hier rumhängt...

ah well...

Ah well...I was thinking about a blog-move to  Was recommended to me by my lovely Kari. Unfortunately all my usual nicks are taken *tadaa* And the worst of all is: most of those nicks have not even posted anything or nothing but a first post. Helloooooooooo??? Delete them if you don't use them at all! *sigh*

My mum had to go to hospital this morning. Nothing bad - but today are the preparations for surgery tomorrow morning. Cataract on one eye. But you know - surgery is surgery so of course you do think about it...and I know that she's worrying a lot. Bad thing about it: after the talks today she'll have the whole day of nothing to do but think and worry *sigh* And I know her - she will. So keep your finger's crossed

More thoughts on my mind are why Ms Waischenberg is allowed to talk on TV. She should get informed about real life before trying to talk about wannabe-celebs. And if someone who believes marriage was utterly stupid because love for life  didn't exist starts talking about  relationships it's no wonder that according to her pretty much every couple is close to a divorce. And whoever told her pregnant women weren't allowed to have sex? ehm...I guess the pregnant friends I have and all docs would protest or burst out laughing. Maybe I should laugh at her more ofen either *hehe* Definitley one of those people whom you wish to find happiness and themselves.

Kate mentioned the weight-issue she's going through. Just came across another part of it. While Kate is eyed upon because people say she's too skinny, people hit at Britney Spears for looking like a "regular/standard" woman and claiming she weighs too much for the stage. Hellooo?? Someone should remind such journalists of Marylin Monroe being a size 42 (that's a 16). Ah well - why's everyone so focused on weight anyway?

Strange world it is....
I should be preparing stuff for work already and I can't bring myself to do so. Somehow I thought of having holidays is relaxation. Dear me...I hope it won't go bad on me later on.

Well - I better think about what to do for lunch today. Afternoon will be Speedminton with my cousin *yeah* So tomorrow I -again- won't be able to lift any water-bottles *haha* Gosh - I'm so out of shape!

Cheers world ;-)



Having neglected blogging in a very very long time ...this has now got a new layout and hopefully a new flow as well..


HAving originally been a way to keep in touch when far away from my familiy it might now be a piece of "Where I put my thoughts" as I have refrained from writing a regular diary for some reason. Strange as it used to be my number-1 soothing tool.

 Times do change after all , huh?

I'll see how it will keep going  - got rid of some side-sites and was thinking about deleting the archives either. But, hey, after all this was a good part of my life I LOVE to think back on and I'm sure one of our next vacations will take us to Ireland. After all the hubby needs to see the country that has made me feel so much more at home than anyhwere else (ok - except for Tenaya Lake - that's the great exception).

Anyway - will be off to cinema now - and wil lhave to thinnk about doing it in English or German or both ....  

Wonder if anyone is actually gonna read it - lol - due to Twitter and Facebook most people always have a short version...we'll see! I'm off for now!

The Sidhe

My husband

why my feet
are so light for dancing

I took a look
into that mirror
and there was